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   Sorry for the delay in updates. Thanks to Continental Airlines, (who broke my Olympus) I've been without a good camera for a while. Yes, I've gotten two new cameras now, but I'm still in the "getting to know them" phase and still a bit frustrated with some of the results. Please bear with me as I begin shooting & posting again using a Nikon D5000 and a compact Olympus.

   About this site:
   Have you ever wanted to be an artist or maybe even a sculpture? Maybe even an author of a "top selling" book? Have you ever wanted to be able to create that perfect drawing, flawless piece of art or memorable book that would inspire with awe to anyone that looked upon it or read its chapters? I did. However, there was a serious disconnect between my brain (the creation center) and my hand (the art creator). No matter what I drew, it never looked quite like what was in my creation center. 

   Then in the mid 90's, came my reprieve, a Windows 3.1 computer. With a little practice ...actually to be honest, a LOT of practice, I was able to create pictures and graphics that could match what was in my creation center. I still wouldn't say they inspire everyone with awe when they look upon them, but I'm happy with them, and that's half the battle. 

   Now I'm armed and dangerous. A faster internet connection, a lot newer computer, (one that comes equipped with spell check and cool graphics programs) and an attitude! I will finally attempt to rid myself of some of the ghosts of days gone past. To create graphics and artwork that express what I feel, and to write the words I've needed to say, while giving myself a place to vent some of my frustrations. 

   This section is pretty much self explanatory. I don't get many chances to show off some of my favorite photos of my travels and adventures, so I've reserved a whole section just for that purpose. Of course they will be divided into the most popular categories of landscapes, animals, floral, etc. 

   I'm an all-American traveler who loves to see new places, meet new people and explore those fabulous places that are all around this great country of ours, the United States of America. (And a few of our bordering neighboring countries) This section is devoted to just a few of those places I've been lucky enough to visit and to the stories that will remain with me for a lifetime.

   A portion of this section will be set aside for my hobbies and what I've learned from expanding my knowledge of those hobbies. An example of one of those hobbies that will be explored is the American Civil War. Examining the passions of those warriors that fought and killed even their own family members for what they believed. Other topics covered may include Fatherhood, Scouting, Dallas Cowboys, etc.

   Be Warned! Enter at your own risk! Possible "Adult" content matter! Not for the weak of heart!
This section deals with conflicts of mind and matter. Anything goes in here. This is the area where I'll vent some of my frustrations and try to deal with the anger that builds up over almost a half century of dealing with jerks, idiots, mindless fools, incompetent politicians, rude drivers, lazy co-workers and assorted government employees.

Photography Adventures Discoveries Conflicts
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