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Why Conflicts?    The fact is, "the conflicts" was one of the two primary reasons for starting this website. The other was of course to share my photography. If you're a regular to this website, as you can tell, I've been much more focused on the photography section than on the others. The reason is simple; I enjoy photography and I feel good when I'm working with it.
     I don't normally enjoy conflicts or talking about them. Those of you that know me, in the "Real World" and not just in the "Digital World", knows that when I get confronted with conflicts, I get real quiet and withdrawn deep into myself. I try to workout the conflicts in my mind or at the very least try to understand them, before confronting others about them. But, sometimes that in itself causes more problems, because those who are involved don't understand what's going on. I've bottled them up deep inside me and put them away where they don't hurt anymore. But when that nasty conflict makes another appearance, I sometimes just "lose it", because I didn't take care of it in the first place.
     So, when it comes to working on these pages, at times it may be real challenging for me to sit down and write about them, because I may not yet still understand them. But I'm hoping that venting a bit here about some of them, I can finally get them off my chest and start to understand, that everything that has happened to me over the years, has happened to everyone else too in one fashion or another. After all, that's what makes each and everyone of us unique.
     To make things easier for me, I'm going mix things up a bit. I'll look at some of the simple conflicts that each and everyone of us deals with everyday. Like trying to understand "small print" in advertising, or dealing with "co-workers" that seem so much dumber than we are. And in between those cute and funny stories, will be the more extreme conflicts that still have me bugged after almost 40 years in some cases. 
...and for those who are wondering about how extreme they might get ... 
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...and many more.
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