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Time of Celebration - Presidential visit to Alamogordo, New Mexico
Time of Celebration - Presidential visit to Alamogordo, New Mexico
    During his first visit to Alamogordo, New Mexico, President George W. Bush made a GRAND entry into the crowds. However, at the same time that I was shooting this photo, someone right in front of me decided it was the time to wave his flag right in front of my face, covering the President from my view. (the man in the blue suit under the flag is President Bush)
    When reviewing the photos from that day, I was first disappointed by this photo, because my focus was getting some good pictures of the President. However, after a few days of looking at my photos over and over, I begin to see that this photo was very well balanced and seem to tell it's own story about what was going on that day. I entered it into a "Presidential Photo Contest" held at our local museum, and was pleasantly surprised when it won "First Place" in that contest. Later in that same year, in August following his visit it was entered into the Photo Contest at our local county fair, where it again took "First Premium".
    Yes, during his visit I did get some excellent photos of the president that day, but this photo stands out as one of my favorites, even though it wasn't planned.
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