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Sante Fe Chili - Sante Fe, New Mexico
Sante Fe Chili - Sante Fe, New Mexico
     This is another example of just roaming around looking for a photo opportunity.
     I was visiting Sante Fe, New Mexico for the hundredth time and was actually finding myself getting bored. Normally when I'm in Sante Fe, I like taking photographs of historic Spanish style buildings such as churches or missions. So I decided to wander off the main trail, (that's a pun, the Sante Fe trail ends in downtown Sante Fe) and walked along the back streets to find something uniquely different from what I've photographed before.
     I happened to come across a small market area, tucked between two other buildings where dozens of chili bundles were being hung and dried under the hot southwestern sun. It must have been this variety of bright shades of red that caught my eye and the focus of my camera.
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Still Life / Art Gallery
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