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Remembering the King
Remembering the King
    This wall, covered in graffiti is not in a back alley somewhere, hidden from public view. To my surprise, it's the outer perimeter wall surrounding Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, in Memphis, Tennessee. This is only just a small portion of that wall, that goes on down the street surrounding his property.
     For years, the fans visiting the home of the King, have paid tribute to him and left their marks by painting their own messages to him on this wall. Seeing this was a totally new and unique experience for me, to see this amount of graffiti left on such a national treasure like Graceland. But, I guess this also, is now part of the mystique that surrounds the King of Rock and Roll.
(*that was a pun = wall surrounding the property and grave)
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Still Life / Art Gallery
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