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Roanoke Fire
Roanoke Fire without a tripod
  * Note: Probably just a temporary photo posting
     Not sure what to say about this picture, it didn't come out near as good as I had wished. I was driving down I-81 near the 146 exit to Roanoke when I saw these flames burning down along the side of the mountain. The police and fire departments had the roads closed, of course, and getting a good view for a camera was pretty tough. My biggest concern taking a photo was the darkness of the background along with the brightness of the flames. That would normally require a tripod, and of course, this particular time, I didn't have it with me. Even the smallest movement of the camera was going to cause blur, due to the amount of time the shutter had to stay open. I guess it's time to make a permanent place in the truck for the tripod to be stored.
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