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LuvLotsaFun     Sometimes you just don't have your real nice camera with ya, ...or maybe the batteries are dead or dying ...and you feel the urge to take a photo, what do you do? Well the answer in the 21st century is, grab the cellphone and click away!    Normally the resolution usually isn't as good as the old Olympus or maybe the colors aren't quite just right. But if I hold the camera real still and hold my breath, (holding your mouth just right might help sometimes) some of the photos turn out pretty good. Here are a few moments where I had the LG8300 and the batteries were probably dead in the Olympus.
    Btw, the Black and White LuvLotsaFun photo at the top of the page is a cellphone shot also.
*Larger views may be added later
Ice Storm
Poppy Fields
President Hibiscus
Ice Storm, Va
Poppy Fields, Va
President Hibiscus, Va
Der Weenier Car
Work Garden
Der Weenier Car, Va
LuvLotsaFun, Va
Work Garden, Va
Car Fire at Work
Civil War, Lewisburg
Superbowl Ring
 Car Fire at Work, Va
Civil War, Lewisburg, Va
 *Superbowl Ring, Texas
Feathered Friend
Street Singers
Purple Flower
Feathered Friend, Va
Street Singers, Mi
Purple Flower, Va
Don't Ask
Pie Faced
Fords Theater
Don't Ask, Va
Pie Faced, Va
Fords Theater, D.C.
Terry the Fish
4th of July
Terry the Fish, Va
4th of July, Va
Cardinal, Va
Farm Boy?
Horse & Carriage
Snowy Day
Farm Boy?, Va
Horse & Carriage, Mi
Snowy Day, Va
250,001 miles
New Hat Day
More Purple
250,001 miles, Va
New Hat Day, Va
More Purple, Va
Lilly pad and flower
American Flag
Mountain Waterfalls
Lilly pad and flower, Va
American Flag, Oh
Mountain Waterfalls, Va
James River
The Pinks
Country Barn
James River, Va
The Pinks, Va
Country Barn, Va
Jefferson Memorial
Downtown Detroit
Bird of Color
Jefferson Memorial, D.C.
Downtown Detroit, Mi
Bird of Color, Va
Old Birdhouse
Superbowl Nachos, 08
Cowboys Shrine, 08
Old Birdhouse, Va
Superbowl Nachos, 08
Cowboys Shrine, 08
Rainy Roanoke
48 of 123 Memories (Shotglasses)
My Computer
Rainy Roanoke, Va
48 of 123 Memories
My Computer
Feeling Froggy
Over the Hill, BD Cake
Feeling Froggy, Va
Over the Hill, BD Cake
My Kiddo!
Candid Camera
My Kiddo!
Candid Camera
Cape Henry Lighthouse
More photos...
Coming Soon!
Cape Henry Lighthouse
 *this is a cellphone pic of the original photo. For more about this photo, see my Cowboys page in a few days.
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