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Good till the last drop
Good till the last drop
    Did you see the drop? That little drop under the front flower.
    When I go hiking, I try not to hike the same trail too many times, I like to "mix it up" a bit. But when I do hike the same trail more than once, like I was doing on this day, I still look for something new. I keep focused on looking for new scenery that maybe I missed before and that keeps the trail exciting each time I hike it.
     I used to "teach hiking" to youth, and the one thing I found the hardest to teach, was to keep their eyes open and heads up! Too many times I would catch them, with their eyes glued to the trail, and whining their backs or shoulders hurt. But, when I got their heads up, (posture correct) and focused on what was out there to see, the pains went away almost all of the time, and, they all seemed to enjoy the hikes a lot more. And besides, now they had something to talk about around the evening campfire or at school the next week.
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Floral / Flowers Gallery
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