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Sierra Blanca - White Mountain
Sierra Blanca - White Mountain
    One of my "Loves of Life" is hiking. Taking off on a trail I've never been on before and following it until I feel I've gotten the most out of it, that I can get. I've been on desert trails, mountain trails, trails along rivers and lakes and even along city streets that feel like trails and I've loved every one of them. Even trails I've been on more than once, I can usually find something new that I hadn't seen the first couple of times.
    On the trail I was walking along when I took this picture, I had probably just crossed  the 9,000 ft elevation mark. The mountain standing in front of me, known as Sierra Blanca in Southern New Mexico stands at 10,000 feet elevation. At this altitude the clouds are so close and billowy you can almost reach out and touch them. And as you watch the clouds roll over that mountain top, all the problems that you had that day, seem to go with them, and leave you standing in a total peace of mind.
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