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La Grande Hermine - Canada
La Grande Hermine - Canada
    After leaving Niagara Falls and traveling westward across Ontario, Canada on the QEW, (Queen Elizabeth Way), I came across this unique roadside attraction. At one time, this was a floating restaurant called the La Grande Hermine, named after the ship Jacques Cartier used to sail up the St. Lawrence in 1535. In this photo, it sits within a man-made harbor along the shores of Lake Ontario.
    * Sad note to add to this story: A few months after this photo was taken, arsons went aboard the ship and set it ablaze. The metal hull of the ship remains along with it's masts, but of course the wooden parts were burned away. It's unsure what the plans are for it, and there is some discussion about restoring it once again.
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Scenery / Landscapes Gallery
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