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Hidden pool and waterfalls
Hidden pool and waterfalls - a place only in dreams
    Every year when the weather gets nice, hundreds of people flock to this little known State Park in Virginia. In fact, most of those visitors are not there for the historic values of the park, but looking for the cool water of the flowing waterfalls and the shade of the over grown trees.
    However, this cascading multilevel waterfall is well above the more popular one and well above the beaten path. Most of the state park visitors aren't even aware it ever existed. In fact, when I traveled above the more popular waterfalls, I left a very large number of visitors behind, and sit beside this waterfall, on those moss covered stones for almost an hour without a single one of those park visitors ever venturing further up the creek to see what other surprises it holds.
    If it were my guess, only couples who want some time alone or photographers looking for more photo opportunities ever travel up this far above those regular falls to find a place that can only be found in dreams.
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