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Key West Lighthouse - Key West, Florida
Key West Lighthouse - Key West, Florida
     I've visited a few lighthouses in my travels along the eastern seaboard of the United States. But this is the first one I couldn't get the ocean in the background! All the trees in the area are so overgrown, I couldn't even "see" the ocean from this vantage point. In fact, probably the only way to get the ocean in the background of this lighthouse, would probably be from sitting in an airplane as it flew overhead. But, just because you can't see the water in the background, doesn't mean it's not there. After all, why would they build a lighthouse if there weren't boats somewhere in the area. And that means, there's gotta be water somewhere close by.
     Maybe on the next trip to the Keys, I'll take a boat out into the water and try to take the photo from the ocean side looking inward toward land.
     *Again, it's really nice to see that so many people are enjoying my photo collection, and I'm really enjoying the wonderful comments that a lot of you are telling me about these photographs and their stories. A recent visitor and new friend from the Richmond Virginia area expressed how much they enjoyed lighthouses. So of course, I searched my collection and I'm really glad I could add another lighthouse to my online collection for their enjoyment.
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Scenery / Landscapes Gallery
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