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Remembering 1860's - McDowell, West Virginia
Remembering 1860's - McDowell, West Virginia
    While living in Virginia, I've traveled to quite a few Civil War re-enactments. And I've seen quite a few people participating in these festivities. Most of them are young men dressed as the soldiers of the Union or of the Confederacy, readying themselves to once again enter the battlefield to entertain and educate those of us who are sitting on the sidelines. And during any event you will even find the lovely ladies dressed up playing the popular parts of the women during the Civil War battles.
    But it's pretty rare to find an entire family that gets all of the family members participating in the re-enactments. This young lad, (in his own time period clothing), along with his siblings were playing in a field next to a small creek in McDowell, West Virginia. His father, a Confederate guard, was nearby, watching a gate along a small dirt road that lead to the Confederate camp.
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