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Photography Stories and Quick Notes from the trails

    Question: Why do people take photographs? Answer: To tell a story.

    ...and I have a lot of stories to tell. Every photo I've ever taken has a story behind it. Some, much more interesting than others. In fact, in some cases the story is actually better than the photograph is, and the photograph only serves as the conversation starter. How many times have you sat around with your parents or relatives and looked at those old black and white photos. Those same photos that have been stuffed into old cardboard boxes and collecting dust for years. You sat and listened to every word about those photos and their stories, and of those who had come before you.
     As I post photos in different places within this web site and reminisce about the stories behind them, I look forward to sharing some of the more interesting stories right here on this page. I hope you check back every once in a while, and bring a cup of coffee with you.

Second hand camera on a second hand tripod
Second hand camera on a second hand tripod
  Introduction: My first piece of camera equipment was actually part of my fathers collection that was stored at the end of the hallway for years. (his 35 mm tripod) My first digital camera was also a piece of "second hand" equipment. But I guess a lot of hobbies start with "hand me downs". But more importantly than new equipment, I'm having a blast learning more with every photo.
The President and Me
The President and Me
    During a presidential visit to Alamogordo, New Mexico, I was in the audience taking pictures of the President of the United States, and unknown to me, at the same time the White House photographer is taking pictures of me, and posting them on the White House web site.
Stop the Shell Thieves!
Stop the Shell Thieves!
    WANTED - Watch out for these two!
    They could be walking a beach near you, searching for treasures that would only be of value to you and your loved ones. Disguised as two middle aged ladies, innocently combing the beach. But beware, they're not as they appear.
If at first you don't succeed, read the directions
If at first you don't succeed, read the directions
   I had been vacationing in Florida for about week, and taken hundreds of pictures without any problems... then, after experimenting with my camera, and with no regard to the operating instructions or camera directions, that's when the problems started!
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