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Second hand camera on a second hand tripod

Photography Introduction: 
   When I was young, I remember finding my dad's camera equipment, tucked up real nice and neat in a cupboard at the end of the hallway. And of course, being the young and adventurous kid I was, I just had to play with all of it. I never dreamed that someday, I'd be using some of that same complicated looking stuff to make "beautiful and unique" images of my children, my travels and my hobbies.

   And it's true. One piece of his equipment that I used, on a regular basis, was his camera tripod. In the 50's & 60's he used that tripod to mount his 35 mm camera. And now in the new millennium, I used that same tripod for my digital camera. In fact, I used it until December of 2006 when I finally after all those years, probably 40+ years of almost perfect service, replaced it with another one that had a few more "frills" built into it. (smoother crank, leveling bubbles, quick adjust legs, etc.) But I must admit, I do miss that tripod. Every time I opened it and set it up, it reminded me of him.

Sony Wedding photo   However, it wasn't my father that really got me interested in photography. It was a very good friend of mine that I met after I got started into repairing computers. Now, before I met him, I had already been looking into buying my first digital camera, but the prices just seemed to be too high for something I didn't really understand. He made my first purchase very easy. He sold me one of his cameras. ** He'd sell his camera's and go buy a newer and fancier model that the rest of us couldn't understand or afford.

   It was a "floppy" drive digital camera. If I remember right, it was a Sony. And, as you can see by the wedding picture to the right, it took pretty good photos. The resolution wasn't very high, and printing a 12x8 was really out of the question, but it did introduce me into the realm of digital photography.

   I still have that camera, still in the camera bag, but if I remember right it started eating floppies and I risked missing or losing that special photo. So, what was I to do? Of course, I turned back once again to my friend and he made me an offer on another camera. Another offer I couldn't refuse. I had seen the photos that camera had taken and was very impressed. So of course, I paid his asking price and made a beeline home to start shooting with my new Olympus. And like the time before, he used that money to go get another camera for himself. A camera that was bigger, faster and fancier than the one he had sold me. But the last time I talked to him about that Olympus camera he had sold me, he still regretted selling it, because he considered it to be one of the best he had ever owned up to that time. (referring to the 10x optical zoom quality)

   Yes, the camera I still use today is that same Olympus. I'm considering buying another digital camera, but honestly, when trying to buy one, they're still about as confusing as they were back in the late 1990's when I first started looking. So until then, enjoy the photos on display here, knowing the fact that most were taken with that same second hand camera, on a second hand tripod.

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