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The President and Me.

   Every photographer wants one of his pictures to be memorable. Well, here's my moment in time. The second photo below, will probably be archived in the George Bush's presidential web site archives for as long as presidential archives are kept.

    While President Bush was shaking hands in the New Mexico crowd, I of course, was busy shooting his picture. Unknown to me at the time, the White House photographer was taking pictures of me, at almost the same exact moment. Well, maybe the photographer was taking pictures of the president, but they ended up taking pictures of me.

     A few weeks after his visit, I was searching the White House website for the text of his speech and found this picture... of ME!  Dang!  How cool is that! Little 'ol me will be a part of his historical record forever as a Presidential web site archive.

Photo Credits: Me!
Photo Credit: Me!
The photo I took of President Bush
Taken by the White House Photographer
Check out the White House link ( HERE )
     Just in case you were wondering, Did I ever see that photographer that day shooting the pictures? The answer is "no". I wasn't concerned with finding them in the crowd at all. But after I saw the White House photo, I was curious about that same question. So, I returned to my collection of photos from that day, and sure enough, I found the photographer who took my picture. There they were, in one of MY pictures. So, I guess that day we were actually shooting each other, almost as much as the President.

The White House Photographer
The White House Photographer
Photo cropped and enlarged from original

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