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Stop the Shell Thieves!

   Please look at these two faces very carefully. Do you recognize them? If you do, please let them know their photo is here, maybe they would like to see it.

WARNING! Shell Thieves

    Why did I post it here? Why do I call them Shell Thieves? Those are some pretty good questions. Here's why.
    It was June the 6th, 2005 in Satellite Beach, Florida. My daughters and I are spending our last day of our vacation searching the shoreline for those perfect seashells and taking in a bit of sun. (I of course am shooting photographs) As you can tell by the picture, that little blue bag is where my daughter had been placing her seashells. It seemed like a good place, right next to her beach towel.
    As the three of us continue to walk the shorelines for it's little treasures, other visitors who are visiting the beach also decide to look for those hard to find perfect shells. However, to our surprise, they decide it's easier and quicker just to search my daughters bag, instead of the sand that's washing up from the ocean.
    Now, about the time I see what's happening, I hurry back toward the beach towel and introduce myself as the father, of the young lady that owns that beach towel and the little blue bag of shells that she's digging through.
     Very promptly, the lady with the white blouse (a resident) tells me that her friend (in the dark top) is just visiting the area, and wanted to spend the afternoon collecting seashells, and seeing no one around the bag, she felt that it had been left behind by someone who had already left the beach.
     What the ? (and leave the towel too) "Well, no I explained, she's out on the beach collecting more shells, that's why they were left with her towel for safe keeping".
    "Well, she's collected a very lovely bunch of shells", the lady proclaimed. "She can be quite proud of herself, I'm almost jealous".
    With that said, the lady in the dark top begins to return the shells back into the little blue bag. Then to my surprise, she kneels down and picks up a number of very plain white shells and adds those to the collection already in the little blue bag. "There's a couple more cute ones in there now, to make her collection a little bit bigger than when I found it", she said.
    Now, I'm thinking this episode is over. Two ladies have walked onto the beach and made a total embarrassment of themselves, but will wander along the beach and the whole deal will soon be forgotten.
    NOPE! That's not how it went!
    After she had placed those simple shells into the little blue bag, I was satisfied that it was over and begin to walk away and look for my daughters. I wanted so bad to tell them of the crazy events that had just taken place. After walking about 200 yards, I guess a little voice just told me to turn around. And what did I see?
    Well, that's when I took this photo. Using all of my 10x zoom, that lazy thief was going through her bag again! And her buddy was acting as the "look out" for me. Well, sorry, too bad, I got her anyway. The camera was zoomed in and the pictures were shot before she could get back standing up from digging into that little blue bag again.
    Did I go running back to stop her again? Nope. I stood there on the wide open beach and kept shooting pictures of them, until they realized they had better be leaving the beach, they'd been caught. And that's what they did. They left the beach.
    Within moments, my daughters had caught up with me and we returned to the beach towels and the little blue bag. Unfortunately, I was told that some of the nicer shells were missing. I guess they were never really put back into the bag in the first place. That's probably why she added those simple white shells, because for a moment, she felt bad about stealing from a young teenage girl. (that guilt didn't last too long)
    Well, again, if you know either one of these two ladies, (sorry, ladies don't steal) please direct them to this page and if they would like a framed print of this photo, I'd be glad to send them one, wrapped in a little blue bag.
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