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Northwestern Buffalo
Northwestern Buffalo
    When I got the chance to visit Yellowstone, one of the first residents to greet me at the front gate was the buffalo. However, keep in mind it was more than just "one" buffalo. In fact the "whole herd" greeted me and it was very very late at night. The only way I could see them, was by using the headlights of the van I was driving. Of course, I jumped out, aimed the camera and started shooting away. Oh, by the way, did I tell you, they DO NOT like bright flashes in their eyes at night. That was the WRONG decision that night, and I learned that sleeping buffalo can wake up real quick and they're very capable of herding me right back into my van. The best time to photograph these magnificent animals is after the sun has come up and they've had they're breakfast, like the one above. 
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Wildlife / Animals Gallery
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